Q I’ve noticed that in stressful situations, I tend to have the “flight” instead of the “fight” response. I would like to be able to increase my fight response (figuratively, not literally). Do you have any products that would help? I’m thinking that acetylcholine might be good. Would I be right?

CAROL, Pensacola, FL

A We have published several articles on what is called “learned helplessness” (see “Blast Through Your Walls With Mental Fitness Nutrition,” an interview with Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, and “Freedom and the Zek’s Ant,” both of which appeared in the May 1998 issue). According to Durk & Sandy, when an animal or a person is unable “to be alert for danger, have the drive to hunt for food, or fight to defend itself—or, in the case of human beings, work up the ladder to success in the workplace,” the cause is the brain’s lack of noradrenaline. It can’t adequately perform these survival activities, and the result is an example of the phenomenon known as learned helplessness.

Fortunately, Durk & Sandy have designed a series of products containing phenylalanine, a precursor to noradrenaline, along with cofactors, such as vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin C, etc.* They are BLAST, FastBLAST, BLAST Caps, Ascend ’n See, TurboBLAST II, Rise & Shine, and Wow. As the names clearly imply, they give you “go-juice” when you need it.* Try them—you won’t be disappointed.

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