Q We enjoy your articles and comments and were wondering about an old Durk & Sandy product called First Course tea, which had ephedra in it. Is there any chance it will surface again, or is there anywhere else to find it?
LARRY & KAREN, San Marcos, CA

A We offered First Course as Starter’s Traditional Chinese Ephedra Herbal Tea until January 2006. Even though the formulation appeared to meet the criteria for a traditional tea that was explicitly exempted by the FDA’s ephedra ruling, the FDA informed us that it did not qualify. Accordingly, we dropped it; it’s not currently offered by anyone else either. By the way, we first offered this formulation as Thermogen Tea back in 1987, so we played an instrumental role in the success of fat loss by herb-induced thermogenesis.

Durk & Sandy, however, have designed a new weight-loss program that works even better (see the interview on page 4). This month, they’re introducing their Glycemic Control product, and the second part of their new formulation will become available in the middle of January.

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