T I’ve been privileged to gain an advanced start with Durk & Sandy’s new weight loss program, and so far, so good. In a period of 9 weeks, my total loss has been 8 pounds, although I have not been completely faithful to the program—I’d say I’ve been about 80% compliant.

It has been far more difficult to lose weight in the last few years. Although I exercise regularly, I had reached a point several years ago, in my late 50s, where only vigorous exercise combined with a strict diet could put a dent in my weight. Soon after the losses, however, my weight would start creeping up again, so much so that I was constantly outgrowing my clothing. This does not produce confidence.

But after 2 months on Durk & Sandy’s program, with a few easy additions to my diet and a few changes in what I select, my expectations have been fulfilled. I’m very optimistic about what continued use will bring.

EDWIN, San Anselmo, CA

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