Q A friend of mine has been proclaiming the use of your products for as long as I’ve known her. The products she favors are WOW, BLAST, Ascend ’n See, and TurboBLAST II. To know my friend is to experience a whirlwind of purposeful activity that makes her one of the most energetic people I’ve ever encountered. That’s what I want for myself, I thought, and after acquiring the products, I can see what she means.

However, I’ve found that regular consumption of these energy products, at three servings a day, often makes me feel like I’m going too fast. Is there anything you can tell me that can help me to arrive at the mix that’s just right for me?

SARNIE, Honolulu

A All the products you mentioned are formulated by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw for their own personal daily use. The best way to think of them, perhaps, is as productivity enhancers.* But they have other values as well, and many people report that they are happier when they use them. Durk & Sandy, however, do not use each product every day, nor should you. Even though they all contain the amino acid phenylalanine (the precursor to the excitatory neurotransmitter noradrenaline), along with cofactors, they are all somewhat different in their composition—and so, therefore, are their uses and effects.

Starting with Rise & Shine, which your friend did not mention and presumably does not take, the effects are relatively gentle. Rise & Shine contains no caffeine. It works well on days when you don’t need to leap into a lot of work. Many people find that it works best for them on weekend mornings, when their pace is much slower than usual. Many others, however, choose it for everyday use—from one to three times daily, depending on their needs.

The important point is that each of us is biochemically unique; thus, what works best for someone else is not necessarily what works best for us. Also, what works on some days may not work as well on other days. This is certainly true for those popular productivity enhancers, coffee and tea. It all depends on you, your needs, and the day-to-day circumstances of your life.

Next in strength are WOW and BLAST (the latter is also available in capsule form as BLAST Caps), each of which contains, along with phenylalanine and cofactors, a small amount of caffeine—about the same amount as in a weak cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Many choose these as their regular workday energy drinks, to jump-start their day and propel themselves along as needed. Over the course of the day, some may combine their use with Rise & Shine or other formulations as desired.

Next in strength are Ascend ’n See, TurboBLAST II, and FastBLAST. Ascend ’n See contains high levels of green tea polyphenols, along with phenylalanine, cofactors, and a small amount of caffeine. TurboBLAST II contains some green tea polyphenols and some grape seed extract, slightly more phenylalanine (8%), cofactors, and a small amount of caffeine. Finally, FastBLAST contains one-third more phenylalanine, along with cofactors, double the amount of caffeine (but still less than a cup of brewed coffee), and the sugars glucose and sucrose for faster delivery and enhanced memory function.*

The moral of the story is, as always, that it is vital for you to find the right amounts for yourself, based on your needs, your goals, and your preferences. Just as you have learned to use coffee and tea (and other foods, for that matter) with regard to all these factors, you can also learn to use the BLAST family of products for your health and well-being.* Plus, they can assist you in the very act of formulating your personal-use strategy by giving you more quality time in your day.

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