Q Since Eye D’Clare II has worked so well for me, I thought I’d try some on my 12-year old Afghan, who has started to develop cataracts. Although it’s too early to tell for sure, it seems as though it’s helping.
SARAH, Chicago

A There has been at least one paper on the use of carnosine to help reduce cataract formation in dogs of different breeds and ages, with lens opacities ranging from nuclear sclerosis (which sounds apocalyptic but merely means a cataract developing in the core of the lens) to mature cataract (which involves the entire lens).1 The results were quite promising. My understanding is that other studies are on the way (people do love their pets!).


  1. Williams DL, Munday P. The effect of a topical antioxidant formulation including N-acetyl carnosine on canine cataract: a preliminary study. Vet Ophthalmol 2006 Sep-Oct;9(5):311-6.

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