Q There appears to be much confusion about the use of the glycemic index for weight loss. How important is it for me to maintain a low-glycemic-index diet if I’m using your Glycemic Control products?

A It is extremely important to adopt a low-glycemic-index diet! Although the Glycemic Control products can be beneficial by themselves, they will be much more so if used with a diet based on the selection of low-glycemic foods. That obviously means avoiding high-glycemic foods, such as russet potatoes and sugar-containing items.

To help you change your fundamental diet and understand the issue better, Life Enhancement Products is offering the book The New Glucose Revolution by Jennie Brand-Miller, Thomas M. S. Wolever, Kaye Foster-Powell, and Stephen Colagiuri. It could have been subtitled, “Why we gain weight, and how to turn it around.” And truly, it can help change your metabolism significantly … but there’s more.

What Durk and Sandy can help you achieve with the use of their entire program (the balance of which will be made available in April)—provided that you maintain a low-glycemic diet—is another level of weight loss, energy balance, life enhancement, and even, perhaps, life extension. But to go there, you must embrace a glycemic control program.

Next month, when their two additional techniques become available, be ready. You owe it to yourself to achieve a low-glycemic-index diet.

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