Healthy Weight Loss: Continuing to Work

T I began Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program back in November 2006, when I was privileged to have early access to all components of the program: the Glycemic Control products, the ShapeShifter Teas, and the MealMate supplement. [Regarding MealMate, see article on page 4. –Ed.] Although I exercise 4–5 days/week and have done so regularly for nearly 13 years, even a carefully controlled diet had not helped maintain my weight. The awful truth is that each of those 13 years added about 2 lbs of weight (mostly fat). Sadly, I had reconciled myself to accepting weight gain as an inevitable part of the aging process.

But then I began Durk & Sandy’s program. I can now report that, after 20 weeks, without any hunger, I’ve lost 19 lbs (all fat), and I cannot remember feeling better. I follow a low-glycemic diet for the most part, and I use the Glycemic Control products without fail at 3 servings/day.

Now, at the start of my day, I typically prepare a small bowl of Durk & Sandy’s Glycemic Control Quick Flakes, microwaved with some milk for 2 minutes and topped with Functional Gourmet MCT Oil, Butter Buds®, and berries. As I drive to work, I sip a cup of ShapeShifter Teas brewed in a French press earlier that morning. Then with my lunch, I drink a cup of a low-glycemic juice into which I’ve stirred 2 tablespoons of Glycemic Control Flour. Later, in midafternoon, I drink another cup of ShapeShifter Teas.

With my dinner, I typically have Glycemic Control Nuggets, prepared much like hearty rice (e.g., microwaved for about 8 minutes in a vegetable broth). With each meal, I also take 2 capsules of the MealMate formulation, as well as 2 more at bedtime. Although the number of recommended servings of ShapeShifter Teas is 3 cups/day, I have rarely consumed more than 2/day. How much more progress I might make with a 3rd cup is something to contemplate. For a snack, I eat a small dish of Glycemic Control LifeByChocolate. Yummy! One thing more: my workouts have been a lot easier, and I actually look forward to exercising. Amazing!

EDWIN, San Anselmo, CA

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