Loss of Glycemic Control

Q It seems that every time I review what I’ve eaten on any particular day, using the glycemic-index foods list I got from you some time ago, I find that I’ve fallen short. While I have taken the first two strategies of Durk and Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program to heart and have lost 6 pounds to date, I’m frustrated by my choices, which I’m sure are preventing me from doing better.

I admit that some of my choices have to do with falling back on comfort foods, such as pasta, but some of my other choices have to do with my inability thus far to create working principles of the “do’s and don’ts.” Can you suggest how I could become more effective?

JOSH, Los Angeles

A Do yourself a favor and acquire a copy of The New Glucose Revolution by Jenny Brand-Miller et al., from Life Enhancement Products or elsewhere, and don’t leave home without it. If you want to master this subject (a lifestyle-changing one for sure), this book should be a constant companion: when you go to a supermarket, take it along. Remember that the idea is not to go hungry and that there are many substitutes for your favorite foods. If you fall off the wagon occasionally, that’s OK, provided that that you’re committed to getting back on again. Unless you ride the glycemic-control-lifestyle wagon, the second strategy in the program—the ShapeShifter Teas—will not help.

As Durk and Sandy have written (in the April 2007 issue of Life Enhancement): “One potential limitation on the inhibition of fatty acid synthase is that a ‘regular’ Western diet, loaded with digestible carbohydrates, results in such a large oversupply of malonyl-CoA, the substrate for FAS that is formed in the fat-synthesizing pathway from glucose, that any potential inhibition of FAS is largely overpowered. Hence, we have found that going on a reduced-glycemic-index diet is absolutely necessary in order to benefit from tea’s FAS inhibitors.”

Please realize that what’s at stake are your health and continued well-being. Not only is obesity or being overweight bad for you, it’s also a strong risk factor for diabetes and just about every chronic degenerative disease you can shake a stick at. It’s hard to live a long life if you don’t control your weight.

But there’s more. Durk and Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program is really a life extension program. Their idea all along has been first to slow the aging process, then to stop it, and, when possible, to reverse it and restore youthfulness. With its grand benefits of energy-balance shift and enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis, among many others, the program is much more than its name implies: it’s a turnaround, and the capstone of their work to date.

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