Only the Right Kind of Pu-erh Works

Q I found you via a message posted on one of the Pu-erh sites I visit. Pu-erh is my cup of tea, and I’ve been drinking vintage Pu-erhs for years. Yet it certainly hasn’t worked to burn any fat. Is there something I’m missing?

JAMES, Chicago

A First off, one would hope that your lifestyle choices—diet and exercise in particular—are conducive to weight loss, as nothing else is likely to be of any help without that essential foundation. (Please see our articles on Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program in this and prior issues of the magazine.)

That said, all Pu-erhs are not alike, and of those that we’ve tested, very few made the grade. Cost has nothing to do with it, nor does age. Also, it’s not just black Pu-erh that we’re using, but a blend that also contains green Darjeeling. Green tea is high in catechins, and Pu-erh is very low in these polyphenols. Some of the catechins in green tea produce thermogenic (fat-burning) effects, and others inhibit fatty acid synthase (FAS), which is also a property of Pu-erhs—the two teas complement each other with regard to FAS inhibition.

By the way, Durk & Sandy believe that it’s possible to boost FAS inhibition by adding certain catechins to the tea during the brewing process. Look for a product next month that’s based on this idea.

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