Can Thyroid Help with Weight Loss?

Q I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and cannot lose the 10–15 lbs I want to, no matter what I do. Do you have anything that might be helpful for weight loss? I am taking Armour Thyroid and wonder if Dr. Jonathan Wright’s ThyroPlex might be helpful and if the two products can be taken together.


A Armour® Thyroid (AT) is definitely a good product. It might be wise to revisit your physician to see if your dosage is adequate and to ask if it’s OK for you to take ThyroPlex too. Dr. Wright has argued that his formulation can be used with a natural thyroid extract such as AT, because it contains some of the lesser, but still important, thyroid hormones, as well as other glandular extracts not contained in products such as AT. Many of our customers have reported advantages that they don’t obtain from AT alone.

You might also want to investigate Durk & Sandy 21st Century Healthy Weight Program. See back issues of Life Enhancement from December 2006 to the present. Many of the problems of aging are multifactorial and can be addressed effectively only on a variety of fronts. Weight loss is one of those.

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