Why Should I Take MealMate?

Q I’ve been using Durk & Sandy’s Glycemic Control line since it first became available, and I had lost 15 lbs when the effect seemed to taper off. I didn’t regain any weight, but I stopped losing. So I started to use ShapeShifter Teas, and the weight loss resumed. To date I have taken off an additional 12 lbs, and that too has tapered off. Twenty-seven lbs is nothing to turn one’s nose up at, but I’d still like to lose another 10 lbs. Will the MealMate formulation help?

JOEB, Louisville, KY

A Please be sure that you’re not losing too fast. You don’t want to lose more than 1 lb per week. By all means, add the MealMate. It may not add significantly to your total loss, but it will ensure that you achieve a better energy balance in your body and that you will be less likely, even if you fall off the wagon, to regain what you’ve lost.* You can also try ShapeShifter Teas Booster Caps. They will take you yet further, perhaps as far as you need to go.* But please don’t forget the MealMate—you’ll be glad that you took it.

A lot of this can’t be adequately put into words. These products must be experienced to be understood. We believe that this is the single greatest line of nutritional formulations ever created. And more is on the way. All the benefits of caloric restriction without the fuss (not to mention deprivation and pain).

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