Can Eye D’Clare II Be Used for Dry Eyes?

Q I am interested in knowing if your Eye D’Clare II product would be helpful for dry eyes associated with Sjögren’s syndrome. I need to apply artificial tears about every hour or more that I am awake. Are there any preservatives in the product that would be irritating?

LINDA , Green Mountain, NC

A There are no preservatives in that product that have been found to cause irritation. In a Russian study’s abstract, carnosine at 5% in an eye solution has been found to be beneficial for the “accelerated healing of corneal ulcers in herpesvirus and bacterial infection or dry keratoconjunctivitis.”1 Could it be valuable at a lesser percent when used over a longer period of time? There are no published studies indicating this to be the case.


  1. Maichuk IuF, Formaziuk VE, Sergienko VI. [Development of carnosine eyedrops and assessing their efficacy in corneal diseases.] Vestn Oftalmol 1997; 113(6):27-31.

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