Glycemic Control Pasta Is on the Way!

Q I read Durk & Sandy’s The Life Extension Weight Loss Program back in 1986, when it first came out, and it was through their book that I was introduced to the glycemic index. My wife and I tried to work it into our lives, but we didn’t stay with it. Then I didn’t hear much about it until the last few years, but with news of the recent meta-analysis—which you reviewed in your last issue—talk about it is now widespread.

Unfortunately for most people, it’s not that easy to maintain, given that the American diet is so booby-trapped with high-glycemic foods. However, what I’ve found is that with the use of the barley Glycemic Control products, it’s easy to stay on the diet. This is because progress is consistent. And LifeByChocolate and No Crumb Left Behind help compensate for falling off the wagon, which I do occasionally. My biggest temptation is pasta, an extraordinary food for which there is no substitute.

And while I’m happy with my progress—I’ve lost 17 lbs to date—I would still like to lose another 10 lbs. I must add that the ShapeShifter Teas has also helped, accounting, I believe, for about one-half of my weight loss. I know this because I had slowed down in my progress until I added the Teas. I also added the MealMate formulation when it came out, and even though I don’t do a lot of exercise, it seems like I do more. I feel stronger. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect; it seems so fantastic, I find it hard to believe. Yet others have commented that I look … different. Not only thinner, but more athletic. Finally, I’ve started using the ShapeShifter Teas Booster Caps, but I haven’t noticed any difference yet. Is there anything else in the wings?

BURT, Denver, CO

A You bet! Please see the article on page 17 for various benefits to be derived from the high-EGCG green tea in ShapeShifter Teas Booster Caps. We are pasta lovers too, and Durk & Sandy have finally secured the services of a pasta maker—an oncologist by training, believe it or not—who is willing and able to produce pasta that complies with all the glycemic control knowledge that you’ve been reading about in these pages. Stay tuned. There is a substitute, and we think it’s going to be as good as the real McCoy! Also, there’s a Glycemic Control brownie recipe coming down the pike. Yummy!

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