At Long Last, Tryptophan!

Q My life was different during the 1980s, with the regular use of tryptophan. But then the shoe came down, and suddenly you couldn’t get it, thanks to the FDA. I never thought that it was tryptophan per se, despite the bureaucratic slander against the amino acid. So when I saw that you would be offering it again, after all these years of substitutes, I really perked up. I remember that it worked well enough to be able to control much of my desire to drink. Only tryptophan had been able to make me feel really laid back, and without the undesirable effects of alcohol. So I’ve got my order in for both the Serene Tranquility Day and Night products, and I can’t wait to “tryp” again.

ROBERTA, Louisville, KY

A Babies have never been denied tryptophan’s benefits. That’s because, as a matter of law, it has been required to be in infant formulations. But what a difference with the new products! The new Serene Systems™ Designer Foods™ are even better cofactored than before, with the added benefit of natural serotonin reuptake inhibition resulting from the addition of the precursors and cofactors to make nitric oxide, the neurotransmitter responsible for this added grand benefit.

And if you’re one of those people who has low-activity tryptophan hydroxylase, an enzyme that prevents the ready manufacture of normal amounts of serotonin from tryptophan, Serene Tranquility also comes with 5-HTP instead of tryptophan. If you don’t have this condition, the tryptophan drink mixes can be used, with the added advantage that you are less likely to produce extra tryptophan in certain tissues. This can cause undesirable, but minor, effects, such as a stuffy nose. If you anger easily, this could be a sign that you have low-activity tryptophan hydroxylase and that the 5-HTP products are for you.

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