Can You Make a Serene Tranquility without the Carbs?

Q I was excited to purchase, and eagerly awaited the arrival of, Serene Tranquility Night with 5-HTP. After using it last night, I look forward to continuing to take it. I slept very well and feel great this morning. However, I am following a low-glycemic Atkins-style diet, and there are 6 grams of carbohydrates in one serving! Isn’t another version possible, in capsule form (minus the sugar)? I was looking for help with sleeping but was also encouraged to think that my temperament might improve.

About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and was put on an SSRI, most recently Cymbalta®. In March of this year, however, my doctor finally took me off it. I no longer wanted to experience the side effects of prescription antidepressants, or the dependency. I was also concerned that my ability to remember and process information had declined since starting the antidepressant.

Anyway, I really hope Durk and Sandy can do something to tweak Serene Tranquility and make it more Atkins-user-friendly as soon as possible.

CHRIS, Phoenix

A The small amount of carbohydrates present (24 calories per serving) is there to make the product more effective. Durk and Sandy, on the record, are favorable to the Atkins diet. However, they have created their own diet in the form of their 21st Century Healthy Weight Program, which, while low-carb, is not no-carb. (Neither is Atkins, by the way—not, at least, as the diet progresses.) Serene Tranquility would not work nearly as well without the carbohydrate content, which, in Durk and Sandy’s judgment, is insignificant even if one follows a low-glycemic diet.

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