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Q Several people in my family suffer (or have suffered) from type 2 diabetes, and I want to avoid their problems, if at all possible. Does InsuLife help provide protection against this affliction?

JORDAN, Toledo, OH

A Because some of the extractable components of cinnamon have been clearly shown to increase the sensitivity of insulin, and because insulin resistance is directly related to diabetes, it is reasonable to conclude that there is a significant protective value in the regular consumption of cinnamon extract. See “Cinnamon Improves Insulin Sensitivity” (October 2007), “Cinnamon Reduces Blood Sugar in Diabetic Patients” (July 2006), “Insulin Sensitivity May Be a Key to Longevity” (July 2006), “Cinnamon and Chromium Reduce Blood Pressure” (June 2006), “Can Cinnamon Fight Cancer?” (January 2006), and “Controlling Blood Sugar with Cinnamon” (December 2005).

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