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Volume 11 No. 1 • January 2008

Good News for Moderate Drinkers of Red Wine

Yet another beneficial effect of red wine has been reported.1 Researchers have found, in a randomized crossover study of 10 healthy volunteers, that subjects who ate a meal of 250 g of turkey cutlets soaked in red wine after heating, along with 200 ml of red wine, had a 75% reduction (compared to controls*) in the absorption of malondialdehyde (MDA, a lipid peroxidation product) from the turkey meal. Those who ate the turkey cutlets that had been soaked in red wine before heating and who drank 200 ml of red wine with the meal had a 100% reduction in MDA absorption (i.e., it was completely prevented). “. . . in some volunteers, the plasma MDA level was even reduced below baseline.”1

*Controls ate 250 g of turkey cutlets without soaking in red wine and drank water, not red wine, with the meal.

The red wine concentrate that was added either before or after heating the turkey cutlets contained 218 mg of polyphenols, while the 200 ml of red wine contained 403 mg of polyphenols.

This is very good to know. It suggests that cooking meats with red wine and drinking red wine along with the meal is a very effective way (at least in healthy subjects) to reduce the absorption of damaging lipid peroxidation products, which were (as shown in this study) accumulated in plasma rapidly, with MDA reaching a maximum level 3 hours after the meal. The large reduction in MDA (and presumably other lipid oxidation endproducts, such as 4-hydroxynonenal and oxycholesterol) could be expected to provide significant protection to the gastrointestinal tract against the development of cancer, especially colon cancer.


  1. Gorelik et al. A novel function of red wine polyphenols in humans: prevention of absorption of cytotoxic lipid peroxidation products. FASEB J 22:41-6 (2008).

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