I Want to Live a Long Time

Q What really excites me, more than anything else, is the belief that it is possible to extend one’s life. I want to live a long time. But this desire must be drawn upon more than mere wistfulness; it must be based on reason and science. This is what draws me to Pearson & Shaw’s work. No others have made the case as they have. Yet I ask, in part to repeat the point they and Life Enhancement have made, “What recent nutritional developments, in your opinion, can increase the likelihood that I will live on, beyond the point at which I would otherwise normally die?”

QUEN, Washington, DC

A No one can be ultimately guaranteed that they will live beyond the death-point of their parents—or the expectations of their favorite futurist. Beware! There are more variables to this calculus than even your most advanced personal digital assistants or near-future special-purpose robots can possibly compute. This is not to say, however, that there are not recent developments that have a high potential to increase longevity.

Among these are the supplements that derive from the research done with low-glycemic-index diets and from the work with caloric restriction and sirtuins. Do not dismiss, nor fail to read about, MealMate or AGEless, or to delve backward in time to a nutritional supplement that contains galantamine, lithium and other ingredients. These are but three of the most important supplements that you should be taking now. Yet there are others. Look forward to receiving information about how to get from here to there. After all, that is our goal too, and we welcome your participation in these advantages.

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