Thrilled with the Effects of Durk & Sandy’s Weight Loss Program

T In November 2006, I started Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Healthy Weight Program with the Glycemic Control barley and resistant starch products, ShapeShifter Teas, and the MealMate supplement. I then added, when they became available, LifeByChocolate, No Crumb Left Behind, and Cocoa ’n Nuts & Spices Cookies. I have not been the same.

As I’ve written to Life Enhancement before, I exercise most weekdays—aerobics for 30 minutes, if nothing else, but usually some weight training and stretching for up to another 1/2 hour. Confounding to me, although I had done this for 13 years, is that even a well controlled diet combined with a superior exercise program didn’t really work to maintain my weight. Although faring somewhat better than most of my nonexercising but diet-conscious friends, the sorry truth is that during those 13 years, I had added 25 lbs of weight (mostly fat). Was weight gain an inevitable part of the aging process, I asked?

I can now report, topping any previous spurious losses, that I am back to where I was 13 years ago, having lost about 25 pounds. And although I reached my low point about 5 months ago, the most amazing thing is that I have not regained any weight! This is unlike anything any diet has ever done for me.

My typical day is pretty much as I’ve reported before. I start with a quickly cooked (2 minutes) bowl of Glycemic Control Quick Flakes, microwaved with some milk, and then topped with Functional Gourmet MCT Oil and Butter Buds, along with blue or black berries. On my drive to work, I sip a cup of ShapeShifter Teas. Then with my lunch, I drink a cup of a low-glycemic-index juice or water into which I’ve stirred 2 tablespoons of Glycemic Control Flour. Later, in mid-afternoon I drink another cup of ShapeShifter Teas. On those days when I have had a third cup, I dip below my plateau. But unfortunately, I am rarely able to fit the third cup in, even if I use the dregs from my second cup, which have less caffeine.

I believe this is because I start my day with a combo of Memory Upgrade (containing high amounts of choline) and BLAST (containing substantial phenylalanine with some caffeine), which really gets me going, but shifts me into a high adrenergic gear, so that I am sensitive to additional caffeine or any other methylxanthine stimulant. Among the productive positive results is imperviousness to napping. Here I add hours to my day.

With dinner, I usually consume Glycemic Control Nuggets, microwaved for about 8–10 minutes in a vegetable broth, and occasionally blended with wild rice. With each meal, I also take 2 capsules of the MealMate formulation, as well as 2 more at bedtime. Although the number of recommended servings of ShapeShifter Teas is 3 cups per day, I have rarely consumed more than 2 per day. How much more progress I might make with a third cup is something to contemplate.

For a snack—so important to my other needs—I eat a small dish of Glycemic Control LifeByChocolate, or a portion of No Crumb Left Behind, or several Cocoa ’n Nuts & Spices Cookies. Yummy! One thing more: my workouts have been a lot easier, and I actually look forward to exercising. That’s thrilling!

EDWIN, San Anselmo, CA

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