The Best Growth Hormone Releaser

Q I am taking a GH-releasing agent that I’ve bought from Life Extension. Do you have a more advanced product?

GEORGETTE, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A Indeed we do. Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw wrote the book on this subject. It was the work they did under a grant from the Paul Glenn Foundation (see that put GH releasers on the map. Finding initially for arginine and ornithine, Durk & Sandy have gone through a number of developments that have led to their current formulation, which is arginine-based, but far beyond their earlier PowerMaker formulations.

The advanced formulations are now known as InnerPower and InnerPower Plus. They contain citrulline, betaine HCl, and much more, and they embrace many new discoveries. For further details, please see their articles previously published in this magazine (e.g., “Putting More Power into Your Life” in the April 2006 issue, and many others). Do not accept their earlier formulations as equivalents to their later ones.

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