Giving Birth with Arginine

Q I’m in the process of ordering some products and wanted to ask you something before finalizing my order. I’m 57, divorced, and have three children. Overall, my health is excellent. I just got married again, and my wife and I are planning to have kids. However, during the first couple of months, we have not succeeded. Although I have no erection-related problems, my sperm count is low, and my volume and motility are significantly low. What would you recommend that might help boost the above?

DAVID, Phoenix

A Arginine has been found to be helpful. From Durk & Sandy:

“A new report on how sperm fertilize eggs has been published.1 The authors show that nitric oxide synthase is present at high concentrations and is active in sperm after activation of eggs by the acrosome reaction. In this reaction, there is an increase in nitrosation within eggs in seconds after insemination, and this is followed by a calcium pulse of fertilization. Microinjection of nitric oxide (NO) donors or recombinant nitric oxide synthase duplicates these events of egg activation, whereas prior injection of oxyhemoglobin, a physiological scavenger of nitric oxide, prevents egg activation.

“It is interesting to note that arginine has been used to promote fertility in bulls, by increasing numbers and motility of sperm, for close to 50 years.”

We add that fertility clinics in New York City have used an arginine formulation to enhance the ability of their surrogates (women) to conceive and carry. The results have been amazing.


  1. Kuo et al. NO is necessary and sufficient for egg activation at fertilization. Nature 2000;406:633-6.

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