Restless Legs

Q Do you have a formula for restless leg syndrome? I love your formulas. I used to be an Omnitrition distributor, and I’ve also read Durk & Sandy’s Life Extension.

CONNIE, Saint George, UT

A We do not, nor, in our opinion, is there anything that rings all the bells. In a recent review article, the authors found favorably for folic acid and iron.1 While we continue to think that there are many reasons not to take iron as a supplement, folic acid makes sense, as do vitamins B12 and B6, but there is no clear evidence to support these items. In all likelihood, restless leg syndrome has a complex etiology, for which a number of interventions may be helpful, some for some, but none for all. But we do not yet know.


  1. Patrick LR. Restless legs syndrome: pathophysiology and the role of iron and folate. Altern Med Rev 2007 Jun;12(2):101-12.

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