Is Life Extension Coming Sooner?

Q Over the last 25 years that I’ve been interested in life extension supplementation, technologies, and interventions, I get the impression that things are moving faster . . . that developments seem to be coming more rapidly. Is that just wishful thinking, or are real breakthroughs on the way?

TOM, Los Angeles

A The lead article in this issue of Life Enhancement, “Promoting Survival with Resveratrol,” sheds new light on some benefits of supplementation—mitochondrial biogenesis and the extension of maximum lifespan via a single, simple chemical compound—that were almost unimaginable only a few years ago.

Two other articles in the current issue, “Can Cinnamon Compounds Help Prevent AGE?” and “Benfotiamine Counteracts the AGEs in Your Meals” point to an area of major concern: advanced glycation endproducts. We now have insights on how to approach this problem that were unknown until quite recently. Need we go further? Take the time to read this issue, and you will see that things are moving rapidly.

A word of caution: Progress depends to a significant degree on the health of the economy, which is now faltering. If our political leaders are wise enough to allow the marketplace to correct itself—and not protect individuals, corporations, and other entities from paying the price of their mistakes—the recession will be short. But if they don’t, and others are made to pay for mistakes they didn’t make, the downturn will be prolonged, and the health advances we cherish will slow.

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