Fewer Aches, GI Relief, and Better Sleep

T Recently, I’ve been having a lot of aching pain in my shoulder muscles and triceps, especially on the right, aggravated by repetitive stress injury from writing at my computer all the time (and no matter how I position myself differently). A chiropractor said it was my rotator cuff, for which I’ve been doing exercises, but I’ve noted a significant lessening of the agony (which it was becoming) since using Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s anti-AGE formulation. I started with one capsule a day, then one with each meal, and now two with each meal, for a total of six a day. I can use the computer without pain now, and I sleep more comfortably. I sleep best on my side, but before using their formulation, my shoulder would begin aching so much that I’d have to turn over, back and forth throughout the night. I still have to do that, but only occasionally now, so I’m sleeping better as a result.

Something more: I’ve been experiencing heartburn now and then—pretty bad. Whatever the cause, I can relieve it almost immediately by chewing your belly-easing mastic wafers. I was in real pain before I learned this.

Re arthritis: I was really bothered by an arthritis-like pain in just one joint, the top knuckle of my forefinger. That too is gone, and while it may well be related to my taking the anti-AGE formulation, it started to go away earlier. This could correlate to my upping my intake of Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s meal-companion formulation to two capsules with each meal. The aching in my shoulders and triceps, though, seems definitely to be alleviated by the anti-AGE formulation, which I would think means reduced inflammation.

JACK, Washington, DC

A There is evidence that AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts) are associated with inflammation and arthritis.1,2 Consequently, an anti-AGE formulation might have benefits. Regarding the meal-companion formulation, it is highly plausible that resveratrol could be beneficial,3 as may well be the case with the other ingredients in the anti-AGE formulation.


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