BLAST and Memory Upgrade: Better than Ever

Q I just saw your ad “Take Your Mind in Your Hands,” and it jogged my memory about the years during which I took BLAST, along with your Memory Upgrade formulation, once or twice every day. Those were some of the most productive years of my life, but unfortunately I moved to a new state, and your magazine stopped coming. So eventually I fell out of touch and stopped ordering the products.

Now I’m back on your mailing list again, and I’d like to start reordering these two products. Can I expect that they will be as effective now that I’m in my 50s?

RICK, Seattle

A There appears to be no evidence that age is a barrier to enjoying the benefits of the BLAST family (phenylalanine plus cofactor formulations) and Memory Upgrade (choline plus cofactor formulation). In fact, recent studies allow us to conclude that higher levels of choline are necessary to maintain proper memory function as bioavailability decreases significantly with age. (See “Are You Getting Enough Choline?” in the August 2007 issue.) We have heard from many people who appreciate the value of these two formulations all the more as they age, and we know of no reason why this shouldn’t be considered a general phenomenon.

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