Anti-AGEing Bargains?

Q Other Anti-AGE formulations appear to be much more reasonable than Durk & Sandy’s. Why should I buy theirs at a much higher price?

SARAH, Albuquerque, NM

A The difference is night and day. The amount of the nutrients necessary to secure protection against AGEs is large. Other formulations do not even approach the levels of anti-AGE nutrients found in Durk & Sandy’s formulation.

As an example, a day’s serving of Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s AGEless contains 1000 mg of benfotiamine, 2–4 times the amount found in any other formulation to combat AGEs. Plug the top ingredients of AGEless into Google or the search engine of your choice. Only AGEless can be shown to possess these, and in significant amounts. See for yourself and decide. AGEless is the true bargain when you consider the bottom line, which is safety from AGEs.

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