InsuLife Goes Beyond Cinnulin PF

T I used a product containing Cinnulin PF® (a cinnamon extract) and at first was pleased with the result of healthier blood-sugar levels—so much so that I dropped my concern that I might be a borderline diabetic. Nevertheless, before too long, things started to inch up, and I began to look around.

Earlier this year, I started seeing a physician who informed me of a product called Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s InsuLife, and he recommended its use as an alternative. Within a few months, I was back to where I had been, with significantly healthier blood sugar levels and a definite feeling of well-being. I don’t know how much of this pertains to the psychological effect of achieving more acceptable levels, but I’m pretty good at reading myself, and I feel great.

FRANCEE, Seattle, WA

Note: The original InsuLife arrived in the marketplace long before Cinnulin PF; it contains a similar extract from cinnamon, plus many additional science-based substances.

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