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T I’ve been a big devotee of InnerPower ever since it first became available, in an earlier and comparatively primitive form, as Arginine Cocktail, back in the early 1980s. It was then that I became familiar with the work that Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw had done under a grant from Paul F. Glenn on the subject of GH releasers. Yet, for reasons that escape me, I never really plugged into its use as a sexual enhancement product until I fell in love last year.

In searching to become all that I could be, I read on the label that InnerPower could be taken before sex for a GH release, so, what the hell, I tried it. Wow, what a revelation! I have continued with the new InnerPower Plus formulation, and we (my sweetie and I) are even happier. My staying power is significantly up, and I am proud to say that sex has never been better. We salute the designers.

HANK, Manhattan Beach, CA

Comment: It was from Durk and Sandy that we were first referred to the work of Furchgott (Nobel Laureate, Medicine, 1998, along with Ignarro and Murad), back in the late 1980s. Furchgott had discovered a substance called endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF), which was later proved to be nitric oxide (NO). Made from the amino acid arginine in the body, NO is a gaseous molecule that modulates vascular tone and vascular smooth muscle proliferation, among other things. Later it was found to innervate a variety of smooth muscles, including those of the penile arteries.

As research continued, erectile dysfunction (ED) was found to be caused by a variety of factors, particularly the impaired formation and action of NO. Consequently, promoting the formation of NO through ingested arginine was seen to be a highly promising therapeutic measure for those with ED. Despite the progress made on this front with ED drugs, arginine, especially as formulated into InnerPower and InnerPower Plus, has never failed to enhance and to deeply satisfy.

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