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Volume 11 No. 4 • July 2008

Earth to Loony Bin: The Triffids Were Offended

According to an article published in the May 2008 inform (published by the American Oil Chemists’ Society), the Swiss government has “developed guidelines for use by grant agencies to determine which research projects could ‘deeply offend’ plant dignity. If a research application was found to be offensive to the dignity of plants, funds for the project would not be granted.”

The article reported further that “though the ethics committee has developed a ‘decision tree’—a metric for the kinds of issues that must be considered when determining the ‘dignity’ of a particular case—specific examples of experiments that violate that dignity are lacking.”

D&S comment: Believe us, folks, we didn’t make this up. We never could have thought of anything like this. Frankly, the idea of having people’s lives controlled by loonies concerned about “plant dignity” is appalling, if not frightening. Watch out, the zealots in white coats may be coming to take you away . . .

. . . if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, where is
the man who has so much as to be out of danger?

— T. H. Huxley
On Elementary Instruction in Physiology
(Collected Essays, 1903)

Single nations have therefore a natural tendency to
centralization, and confederations to dismemberment.

— de Tocqueville
Democracy in America

This is profound and accurately depicts the consequences of the Civil War, whereby a constitutional republic akin to a confederation (e.g., with sharply limited powers of the national government and largely unlimited powers of state governments) was converted to a single nation [e.g., centralized powers in a national government and greatly decreased state (local) powers]. The risk of dismemberment was thereby converted to the risk of centralization, from which we suffer today.

Half of the secret of resistance to disease
is cleanliness; the other half is dirtiness.

— Anonymous (quoted in
Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations)

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