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Volume 11 No. 4 • July 2008

No Oil, No Problem . . . for the Nazis

In 1943, when Germany had virtually no sources of petroleum to fuel its Luftwaffe, U-boats, and Tiger tanks, its scientists (arguably among the best in the world at that time) didn’t turn to solar and wind power. . . . Hitler’s technical advisers turned to another energy source to keep their Wehrmacht running steadily for several years without petroleum. They used the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert coal into diesel fuel and employed the Bergius hydrogenation (or liquefaction) process to convert coal into aviation gasoline and high-quality truck and automobile gasoline.

— From The New American, June 9, 2008

Durk is very familiar with both processes. The conversion of coal to gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and jet fuel is economically feasible when oil prices are above about $80 per barrel. Each ton of coal produces about two barrels of oil. About 30% of the fuel used by South Africa’s commercial jet fleet is made from coal. Twenty-seven new coal-to-liquid conversion plants are under construction in Germany, and over 40 in Europe as a whole.

Last May, the U.S. Air Force certified jet fuel made from coal for both subsonic and supersonic use; it cost $4.64 per gallon from a small pilot plant. Congressional Democrats passed a bill banning any further purchases. America has enough coal to supply 100% of our current liquid fuel needs at about $2.00 to $2.50 per gallon for over ONE THOUSAND YEARS, but “our” government has prohibited it. We are all victims of the Green Taliban, which is as fanatically opposed to carbon dioxide emissions as the Islamic Taliban is opposed to the public display of women’s ankles. For further information, please see:

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