The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 11 No. 4 • July 2008

Local Cooling, Not Warming

As we have reported a few times on the global warming nonconsensus, we thought we would also mention Durk’s own observations on cooling in central Nevada. As we have mentioned before, we own a herd of cattle, now at 174 head (in the top 1% of herd size), that are raised free-grazing on lush, natural pasturelands and sold as natural beef. Durk was recently out at a large ranch where he and other ranchers were branding all the new calves, including our own. (Ranching frequently involves mutual assistance by a number of local cattle ranchers.) The grass had come up late this year, and some of the cattle still had their winter coats (at the end of June!). The owner of the large ranch where the branding was taking place said that he had never seen cattle with their winter coats this late in the year. One nice thing about this sort of data: cattle coats don’t lie.

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