Our Constitution-in-Exile

Why we are losing our constitutional freedoms and how we can get them back

By Will Block

The Rise of Tyranny
Jonathan W. Emord
Sentinel Press, Washington, DC, 2008

onathan Emord is a constitutional lawyer whose many legal victories over the federal government have exposed the true nature of bureaucracy’s unchecked, unprincipled, and unconstitutional expansion. He is a man who has devoted his life to reversing the tide that draws us closer to the abyss of medical tyranny (and, by extension, totalitarianism) and to winning back our health freedom and all the other freedoms that constitute individual liberty. He is the author of a new book, The Rise of Tyranny, which brilliantly explains how we arrived at the sordid state where our Constitution is in exile, and how we are all increasingly held hostage to the behemoth of a multiheaded bureaucracy that threatens not only our well-being but also our survival.

The Way Back to Liberty

As I write this, the Congress of the United States is at the edge of another precipice, ready to take a course of action that they say will rescue (or “bail out”) the U.S. economy from a financial debacle brought about by the mechanisms of regulatory agencies fully described and uncovered in The Rise of Tyranny. The bailout will fail. It will fail because there is a direct conflict of interest between those who caused and profited from it and those who will ultimately pay the bills: the American public (often called “the taxpayers,” but we might just as well be called “the bailers”). It will fail because Congress has unconstitutionally delegated its powers to the bureaucracies that caused the crisis. Expecting Congress to solve the financial catastrophe is like relying on arsonists to put out the fires they started!

So there is yet another immediate, urgent application of the ideas expounded by Emord in his new book. Quoting him,

Throughout history, that combination of powers (legislative, executive, and judicial) in single hands has been defined as tyrannical and despotic. Our Founding Fathers experienced tyranny of that sort firsthand, fought a revolution to relieve themselves of it, and created a Constitution that vests each of those powers in separate branches of government, replete with checks and balances to disable encroachments of power. They warned against collocation of those powers, reciting that if the collocation ever came to pass in this country, it would immediately spell the end of liberty and the rise of tyranny.

The collocations of all three powers into the hands of over 180 regulatory commissions and agencies with budgets ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars is calamitous. It is a tragedy, because these entities have the power to create law through regulation without the consent of elected representatives. They also have the power to prosecute those charged with violating their regulations. Finally, they often even possess the power to judge the parties they prosecute, independently of an impartial court of law. This is tyranny!

How to Get Freedom Back

As a vehicle of historic exposition, The Rise of Tyranny is brilliant. But it goes further—it is also a how-to-manual. In the author’s words,

This book is an exposé of sorts. It relates, largely for the first time, the history of industry’s takeover of the government, using regulatory agencies and Congress as examples. I explain the foundations of liberty given to us by the Founders and their prediction of our current state of peril. I do not hold back the truth, and I do what Congress refuses to do: identify precise steps to bring down the regulatory state and return the nation to its constitutional moorings and to a constitution of laws, not of men. My hope is that Americans will resurrect the Constitution and remove from office those who use the instrumentalities of government to build private fortunes and political fiefdoms at public expense. Our nation is too grand and majestic to suffer so lowly a fate.

The Fire of Liberty

Above all, the passion of the author shines through this amazingly informative, skillfully written, and intelligent book. Read it and spread the word. Give it to your friends. Who knows? It may help to change the world. Jonathan Emord is a man whose goal is nothing less than the preservation and rekindling of the sacred fire of liberty.

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