Nootropic Express . . . Feeling Good

T Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything that’s come down the smart-pill pike, and the only continuous boost I’ve ever gotten has been from phenylalanine formulations—items such as BLAST, WOW, TurboBLAST II, etc. Yet, while these products offer explicit payouts, giving me more mental stamina and even making me feel happier, I never ended up thinking that I was getting any smarter, except in the sense that I have developed an understanding about how to use them better—interestingly enough, for play as well as for work (when I’ve found the clock has beaten down on me).

So it is with sheer delight that I report feeling significantly smarter after having used a nutritional supplement that includes galantamine, lithium, and other ingredients for about 6 months now. I don’t think it’s the galantamine or the lithium, because I’ve used both of these separately (several years for the former and over a year for the latter). And I was also taking curcumin, although not whole turmeric, so that could be part of the explanation. It could be the vitamin E succinate, but then lastly, it could be a combination of all these things working together in tandem to take a load off my brain.

Why do I feel I’m getting smarter? Well, there is certainly a subjective aspect to this kind of appraisal, but here’s the evidence:

  • I haven’t done anything lately that hasn’t had a high level of consciousness about it . . . for which, in the past, I have typically paid the price by getting down on myself.

  • There have been almost no incidents of my blowing off steam, something I’ve learned to understand as reflective of unconscious acts.

  • My afternoon napping patterns have ended; I don’t find myself droning off and losing touch with the world.

  • My productivity has increased, judging from the fact that I frequently have time at the end of my days for added activities.

  • I am receiving more compliments about my thoughtfulness than I can ever remember.

Some of these benefits manifested a number of years ago, when I first started taking a tryptophan supplement, and to a degree when I switched over to 5-HTP, but I never hit anywhere near all of the above bells, and they have never been sustained. But not so since I started taking the aforementioned nutritional supplement that includes galantamine, lithium, and other ingredients. Maybe there is some other explanation, but things certainly seem different. In the past, when I was more experimental, I would be far more willing to stop taking a supplement formulation to see whether the effects experienced would go away, but I’m getting a little too far on in years to repeat that. I feel alert . . . I feel good . . . I feel young. It’s all pretty amazing.

CHAN, San Francisco

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