Nicotinamide Has Made Mom Much Like Her Old Self

Q After reading your article in the January 2009 issue of Life Enhancement, “Nicotinamide Restores Cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease,” I encouraged my elderly mother to start taking high levels of nicotinamide. My mom has been suffering from dementia progressively over the last few years and it has been a big burden to take care of her. I’d like to report that 2 grams of nicotinamide has made a remarkable difference, and that she appears to be considerably less forgetful and much like her old self. While admittedly, I’ve been a big fan of nutrients for a long time, I’ve never seen anything so demonstrable. You wrote that the researchers are conducting a study with humans. If what my mom has experienced has not been a fluke, the publication of the outcome of this trial could do the world a lot of good.

STELLA, Boston

A The University of California, Irvine scientists who conducted the animal study are recruiting 50 mild to medium severe Alzheimer’s patients for a study that is expected to last for 7 months. Of the 50 patients, half will receive placebo pills, the other half 1,500 mg of nicotinamide twice a day. They report that this dose is the human equivalent of the 200 mg/kg per day received by the mice in the study initial. Don’t forget, that Green et al. also found that by giving nicotinamide to healthy mice, they were able to outperform healthy mice receiving only a normal diet.1


  1. Green KN, Steffan JS, Martinez-Coria H, Sun X, Schreiber SS, Thompson LM, LaFerla FM. Nicotinamide restores cognition in Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice via a mechanism involving sirtuin inhibition and selective reduction of Thr231-phosphotau. J Neurosci 2008 Nov 5;28(45):11500-10.

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