Healthy Weight Loss: Back to Working Again!

T I have written to you before and reported on my successes with Durk & Sandy’s 21st Century Weight Loss Program. And now here’s another update. While I lost about 25 lb of total body weight from November of 2006 through to about September of 2008, and held that weight loss until May of 2008, in the next ten months (through to February of 2009) I regained 11 lb, so that my total loss over the period was about 14 lb. That’s not bad, especially after 28 months, but it’s not what I want . . . but then, I confess, I had fallen off the program.

As I’ve thought about this (and failed to), I had defaulted back into the rather stale idea that gaining weight is simply part of getting older. This is possibly because everyone around me seems to show it, especially around their midriffs, that it seems so “normal.” But because I exercise, I’ve pretty much kept my shape, certainly far better than my nonexercising, but diet-conscious friends. But I don’t like being heavier and refuse to be steamrolled by the “inevitability” of anything, no less the aging process.

Fortunately, I keep a record of my supplement and Glycemic Control food purchases, so I could see that I had reduced my consumption of product by about 50%! Breakfasts are easy and have stayed relatively the same: Durk & Sandy’s Glycemic Control Quick Flakes, microwaved with some milk for 2 minutes and topped with their Functional Gourmet MCT Oil, Butter Buds®, and berries. Delicious and satisfying! And my use of the MealMate supplement [Regarding MealMate, see article on one of its components on page 9. –Ed.] has remained constant.

However, my ShapeShifter Teas consumption had slipped from 2 cups to 1 cup per day, and my use of Glycemic Control Flour had virtually been eliminated. Also, my use of the Glycemic Control Nuggets had gone down substantially, as had my consumption of the snacks such as Glycemic Control LifeByChocolate, Glycemic Control No Crumb Left Behind, and Glycemic Control Cocoa ’n Nuts & Spices Cookies.

With some resistance, because there is a discipline involved, I resumed the program. While my compliance is still building, since getting back on the bandwagon, I have lost another 3–4 lb which takes my total loss back down to 17–18 lbs. I’d say that’s proof of the concept. And I feel great!

Variety is the spice of life, so would you please consider making more choices available. One of the customer reps at Life Enhancement had talked about a Glycemic Control Brownie and (if only it would be true) a Glycemic Control Pasta. Wow! Now that’s something worth living for.

Lastly, I have been a faithful user of InnerPower Plus [Regarding InnerPower, see article on one of its components on page 4. –Ed.], which I typically take before going to the gym. That too, undoubtedly has helped to keep my muscle mass high and my fat percentage quite low, still about 15%. That’s pretty good for someone approaching 65.

EDWIN, San Anselmo, CA

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