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Volume 12 No. 2 • April 2009

“Organized Science” Going to the Dogs (or, as in This Case, to the Frogs)

Even the very best and most reputable scientific journals are now being run by the “big government is good, bigger government is better” crowd . . . and they’re proud of being part of it. A particularly disgusting example of the political editorials now coming out of scientific journals is the one in the March 2009 FASEB Journal. Gerald Weissmann, the journal’s editor-in-chief opines that “[i]n the current debate over the future of medical care in the United States, we could do worse than to consult two authorities in the field, Prof. Pierre C. A. Louis, the father of medical statistics, and Michael Moore, ‘the angry filmmaker.’ Moore’s [movie] SiCKO suggests that we have a lot to learn from France; Prof. Louis reminds us that it wouldn’t be the first time.” “More and more Americans also agree with Michael Moore and SiCKO that universal health coverage should be as much a part of ordinary existence for Americans as it has been for Parisians for over a decade.”

Michael Moore is an authority in the field of medical care? Universal health coverage should be (whether you like it or not) a part of ordinary existence for Americans? The U.S. should pattern its health care delivery after that of France?? Lest you forget (or perhaps never knew), the French state is (unlike the mostly common law-based United States) an administrative state, where nearly all laws are determined and administered by public agencies akin to the FDA, EPA, OSHA, ad nauseum, agencies whose rules and regulations are determined and violators judged and punished internally largely by unelected bureaucrats. When you are accused of wrongdoing, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent (no presumption of innocence as under the common law of the United States). The French government health care system is very similar to the British National Health Service, but with a lot of pork built in (for example, you can complain of being under stress and get a taxpayer paid vacation for a week at a spa; wonderful if you like paying high taxes for other people’s vacations).

“Organized science” continues to progress in the direction of top-down dogma and lies maintained by an elite that act as agents of the government by virtue of being in control of huge amounts of government money. The arrogance of these people knows no bounds now that the new Administration has handed them huge additional amounts of printing press money (e.g., by inflating the money supply). The FASEB Journal rarely published politically-oriented editorials before the one cited above and has never before published editorials containing such outrageous personal opinions best left unexpressed (lest your biases and foolishness be revealed) such as endorsing Michael Moore as an expert on health care.

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