Making Potassium Basics Work for You

Q Since 1982 I’ve been a big fan of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, and when the articles about their potassium carbonate supplement came out, I leaped to order some. Everything is great, except for the excruciating hunger pangs. The first time, I took it with a glass of lukewarm water and within a few minutes was frantically preparing dinner to quell the hunger pangs. Since then, I’ve taken it immediately before eating but the hunger pangs persist. I eat a very healthy diet, but a cousin who has bad dietary habits is experiencing the same reaction. Is this the normal reaction?

ROD, Olympia, WA

A For best absorption, do not to take it with food, but on an empty stomach. Take it either 2 hours or more after your last meal, or at least 30 minutes before eating your next meal. Take the supplement with a big glass of lukewarm water, even as large as 16 oz. Some people may need more. Also, if necessary, it helps to stand up for 15 minutes or so. The idea is to get the supplement out of your stomach and into you duodenum. From feedback that we’ve received, this problem is fairly common, but the above advice can make it work for you.

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