A New Durk & Sandy Product for Memory Function

Q I’ve noticed the appearance of a new Durk & Sandy product, Memory Rules, on your website. Having not seen an interview on it, I’d appreciate knowing more about it.

Sara, Vancouver

A For those who haven’t caught the brief description, Memory Rules™ is an energy-boosting Designer Food® formulation designed by Life Extension scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®. It provides several nutrients that promote mental energy and clarity. The nutrient list includes phenylalanine, a precursor to the natural neurotransmitters noradrenaline and eventually dopamine, and choline, which is used by your brain and motor nerves to make the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine, critical for proper memory function and muscle tone. Memory Rules also contains the cofactors needed to make efficient use of the precursors it contains. The neurotransmitters it produces are also essential for mental energy, pleasure, sex, alertness, focus, and motor coordination.

The lead-in for this product is a patented ready-to-drink formulation named SMARTZ™ that was produced a number of years ago, and is currently in search of the right marketing opportunity. Scientifically designed as a dietary supplement (and disguised as a pop beverage), SMARTZ was way ahead of its time and remains the most technologically advanced formulation ever … and was always within easy reach of refreshing your brain, while it was available. For more information, see www.life-enhancement.com/article_template.asp?ID=328, www.life-enhancement.com/article_template.asp?ID=327, and www.life-enhancement.com/article_template.asp?ID=870.

You can wait for SMARTZ, but until then, you can choose to try Memory Rules. Use Memory Rules for Creative Energy™. You’ll love the taste—you’ll love the feeling!

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