Feeling Better Than I Have in Many Weeks

T Thanks for the information about Durk & Sandy’s antiviral formulation. It really is remarkable!

I have had a nagging cold for the last several weeks that would get worse whenever I threw myself into my work or missed sleep. It made me tired and mentally dull whenever I didn’t rest a lot. Returning home from my visit to Life Enhancement, I took one of your capsules on the way (only one because it was not soon after a meal). Within 3 hours, that nagging cold was gone! With added supplementation, I feel better than I have in many weeks! My middle ears cleared, my sinuses opened up, and my fatigue lifted! My sore throat is gone. A mental fog I struggled against has lifted. Time will tell, but it seems much too clear to be a placebo effect.

It appears that you may have saved me from a burden I have carried on and off for years. I have struggled under this tendency to fall ill for a very long time. Swine flu or not, this is very useful for me!

One other thing I forgot to mention: Both my partner and I noticed a clear improvement in our vital capacity. I remember lying in bed in the middle of the night and noticing how much easier it was to breathe and wondering if there was that much virus load that was killed, or was it something else. It is a nice side benefit. I did not realize my breathing could be so much deeper and freer and didn't know I had any problem with it in the first place.

Furthermore, Durk & Sandy’s anti-viral formulation not only kicked out my nagging cold, it also increased my vital capacity while exercising. Yesterday evening I exercised on my machine and could not get out of breath. Normally I would be short of breath after a couple of minutes. Vigorous dance exercise, which I have not been able to do for weeks, was suddenly easy. I only got a little out of breath even though I was at maximum output for my muscles. Neat stuff!

Thank you. It is a great gift that will help me be more productive.

LAURIE, Santa Rosa, CA

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