Potassium Basics Made Easier to Take

Q I have been using Potassium Basics for just over a week and in spite of following the use directions, most of the time I get a belly ache from taking it on 1–2 glasses of water. The intensity varies and with the most intense bouts, I also have excessive salivation. Any suggestions?

MARK, Newport Beach, CA

A Yes. One of our customers has reported that drinking it with a glass of milk avoids the problems. Others have tried it and agree. Technically, cow’s milk has a pH ranging from 6.4 to 6.8, making it slightly acidic. Short of using milk, here are several other possibilities: wash them down with warm water, lots of it; stand up after taking the capsules; take them at a relaxed time of the day, perhaps about a half hour after you’ve taken some Serene Tranquility, but still on an empty stomach. We would welcome hearing from anyone else who has found a way to gain the benefits without the discomfort. The benefits are really worth the effort.

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