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T I just read your article “Improve Episodic Memory” in the July issue and here’s my story. Over the years I’ve always enjoyed reading to my kids when they were growing up. Also, I would tell them stories derived from my life experience, a habit and a delight that I had continued with my grandchildren.

However, a few years ago, both reading to the grandkids and telling my stories became a chore, and to my chagrin and anguish, I backed off. Then I started taking your GalantaMind Plus, and after about a year, although my grandchildren are now older, I’ve resumed again. Once more, the images are alive. What a pleasure!

I saw a movie called Inkheart a few months ago about a father who has the ability to bring the characters of the books that he reads to life and into the real world. His 13-year old daughter develops the same faculty in the dénouement of the film. While it’s just a fantasy, I was deeply touched, and gratified that, in a way, I too had the ability to enchant my own grandchildren once again. Thank you.

HENRY, Wichita, KS

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