The Art of Flying with Serene

T I’ve been flying more these days, sometimes to the opposite end of the planet, 12 time zones away. What I’ve noticed is that while melatonin has worked all my previous traveling years, it seems to have run out of juice, as my age appears to be getting in the way. When I started to increase my dose, it worked at first, but then the effect diminished. So instead I’ve switched to your Serene Tranquility Night formulations. I use the one with 5-HTP.

So far, I can report that the advantages are apparent, and that I’ve reduced jetlag on the outbound trip to about zero. This means that I’m on the ground running in Asia, and that my trips are much more successful. By the way, I start shifting downward about three hours a night the week before, going to bed earlier by that much after taking the Serene. So when I get to my destination, I’m already there. The return is somewhat less successful, because I don’t have the scheduling leisure to shift in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, Serene Tranquility Night is a triumph!

EDWIN, San Anselmo, CA

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