Durk & Sandy’s GH Releaser—Still More Advanced

Q I’ve read that ingredients such as the L-arginine in Durk and Sandy’s GH-releasing arginine/citriline/choline formulation get destroyed in the digestive system before they can reach the target cells. Have Durk and Sandy discovered a way to prevent this from happening? I’m interested in raising the level of growth hormone in my system and have been studying substances like MK-677. How does InnerPower Plus compare to a product like that in terms of absorption?


A There is no evidence that arginine gets destroyed in the GI tract. Nitric oxide (NO) studies—NO is derived from arginine—demonstrate this. Arginine, choline, and citriline are natural constituents of food, and as single ingredients have been in continuous use for long periods of time. They have been proven safe and efficacious. This is not the case for the drug MK-677, an experimental drug, which only appeared on the map about 12 years ago. After all that time, MK-677 is still under development as a potential treatment for growth hormone deficient children or elderly adults. It should not be used by anyone seeking to maintain or achieve higher levels of health, even if have access to continuous medical oversight.

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