Memory Fuel is Now Memory Upgrade

Q There are two products by Pearson & Shaw that I would like to try. They are called Memory Fuel and Mellow Blast, but it seems that they have been discontinued. Are there any similar products like them? I am particularly looking for a non-caffeine drink or capsule formulation with key ingredients of choline and phenylalanine plus their respective co-factors.

BIJAY Quebec

A Memory Upgrade™ is the new name for Memory Fuel, but Mellow Blast has been discontinued. The essential difference between it and BLAST,™ other than the flavor, was that Mellow Blast used green tea instead of caffeine. Green tea has low amounts of caffeine, and it is released more slowly. Regarding your request for a choline and phenylalanine product, we are now offering Memory Rules,™ a sugar-free drink mix designed by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw that fills the bill except that it contains some caffeine. This product can be custom made without caffeine but a minimum order is required. Mellow Blast can also be recreated too, but again, there would be a minimum order. Please inquire!

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