Can Supplements Prevent Disease?

Q I’ve met several people recently who tell me that they are never sick because they take the right supplements. Can you comment of this?

FRANCIS, Seattle, WA

A While it is definitely not possible to conclude that any supplement program can create health invincibility, there are sufficient data showing that various regimens can help keep your body functioning properly and enhance resistance to disease.

In some individuals who are extremely healthy—based in part on their genes, a well-designed exercise program, and a good diet—high levels of the right supplements may result in the appearance of unassailability. In truth, however, high-potency supplementation can enhance health status significantly especially if individualized, but it can’t make you “bullet-proof” and overcome all assaults on body and mind. On the other hand, if you use a competent physician along with biomedical testing services, you can catch almost anything in the bud that might compromise your health, thereby prolonging your life. The idea is to live long enough to not die of what would killed you, because new discoveries and consequential therapies have come into existence.

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