Will the Real Smart Oil Stand Up?

Q How does Pearson & Shaw’s High Oleic Sunflower Oil compare to Smart Balance Omega oil? This oil is a blend of canola, soy and olive oil, along with omega-3s.

LAWRENCE, Newbury Park, CA

A See the chart below. Quoting Durk & Sandy from a former interview:

"The rate of free radical attack on a polyunsaturated fat is substantially higher than on a monounsaturated fat such as oleic acid. Compared with oleic acid, linoleic acid is about four times more susceptible to free-radical attack than oleic, and linolenic is about nine times more so. If you compare this information to other types of fats that are currently on the market, the quality of our High Oleic Sunflower Oil is amazing.

"Our High Oleic Sunflower Oil is at least 85% oleic. There’s less than 5% linoleic acid and less than 8% saturated fats. There’s essentially no linolenic acid, which is the triply-polyunsaturated omega-6 fat. The next best oil is olive oil, which has 70% monounsaturates and about 16% linoleic polyunsaturates, which is doubly unsaturated, and 14% saturates. So we have less of the undesirable and more of the desirable.

"Going down from there you have canola, which runs 58% monounsaturates, and then peanut oil—which we do not recommend because in some animal experiments it has been found to be atherogenic—at 48% monounsaturates, lard at 47% monounsaturates, on down the line. A lot of these have very high levels of saturated fats, such as the lard oil for example. Safflower oil is fairly popular, which is, in our opinion, unfortunate because safflower oil has only 13% monounsaturates, but it has 78% linoleic and 9% saturates. Also popular is soybean oil containing only 24% monounsaturates, but it has 54% linoleic polyunsaturates, 7% linolenic polyunsaturates, and 15% saturates. Beyond these, there’s corn oil with only 25% monounsaturates, but it has 61% linoleic, 1% linolenic and 13% saturates. Remember that linoleic is doubly polyunsaturated and linolenic is triply polyunsaturated. The idea is to maximize your monounsaturates and minimize your polyunsaturates—especially those with more than two double bonds—and minimize your saturates."

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