Is it Still Possible to Get SMARTZ™?

Q I was introduced to SMARTZ a number of years ago when Jack Wheeler was promoting it. I loved the drink and it really did enhance my mental frame of mind. My question is: how do I select the right current products for me today? I have not followed the history of SMARTZ and why it is not marketed like it was then, but I assume the current products represent (safer?) evolution of the basic products. Please tell me more about the history and where I can find more information.

Bill, Arlington, VA

A Jack and Will Block conceived the SMARTZ undertaking together, and while it is not currently marketed, Life Enhancement holds the worldwide license to manufacture, market, and distribute this ready-to-drink scientifically designed psychoactive adult beverage. Life Enhancement’s intention is to reintroduce it at some time in the not too distant future.

In the interim, you can mix any of the BLAST family products (see ad on page 9), such as BLAST, along with Memory Upgrade, to experience the effects whenever you desire. Also, there is Memory Rules, a sugar-free drink mix that is a close approximate to SMARTZ, but without all of the convenience.

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