Will Potassium Supplementation Increase Heart Rate?

Q My question regards potassium bicarbonate. I have borderline hypertension and have begun taking the supplement and my hypertension symptoms do seem to be improving. I have read the articles on Life Enhancement’s website about the mineral, but had a question that I can’t find the answer to ... and that is: When I have taken regular potassium supplements in the past, if I took too many, my heart rate increased. How is potassium bicarbonate different from the standard plain-potassium supplements? I’d really appreciate your help in understanding this.

VALENA, Lewisville, TX

A Many potassium supplements contain chloride. Some people who exhibit a blood pressure and heart rate increase with sodium chloride do not do so if they are given the same amount of sodium as sodium bicarbonate. This suggests that, at least for some people, that chloride is part of the problem, too.

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