Memory Upgrade II and WOW Without the Fructose

Q I recently purchased two of your products; Memory Upgrade II and WOW. Are these products available without sugar? It would seem that in the interest of healthy life enhancement this would be a red flag to you.

RON, Ocoee, FL

A The Memory Upgrade II and WOW do not come in sugar-free formulations. Without any type of sweetener, both of these products would not taste very good, and would thus be difficult to chow down. However, WOW does have a sister-formulation that comes in a capsule-form that does not contain added sugars, BLAST Caps.

Similar to Memory Upgrade II and WOW combined is the formulation Memory Rules. Available in both capsule and drink mix form, Memory Rules does not contain the fructose found in the WOW and MU2, but uses non-nutritive sweeteners. Although Memory Rules (the drink mix) does not contain as much choline as the Memory Upgrade II (1 g per serving), it still contains 660 mg of choline per serving. In addition, it contains 600 mg of L-Phenylalanine along with cofactors.

Regarding the safety of fructose, it has one of the lowest glycemic indices of any food, making it far less likely to play a role in obesity. It is not the same as high-fructose corn syrup, which also contains high amount of glucose and has a glycemic index that is much higher—by several multiples—than that of pure crystalline fructose. Unfortunately there is not one sweetener that is completely “at home” in the body; literally every sweetener has problems of one sort or another. Because fructose has a tendency to deplete copper, we add copper to any formulations that contain it.

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