Supplements Recommended for Macular Degenerations?

Q I have been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in one eye and dry in the other. What supplements should I take and are there any I shouldn’t take. Any other recommendations?

JUDY, Seattle, WA

A Please see the following articles in the respective issues on the Life Enhancement website ( N-Acetylcarnosine Helps Prevent Eye Aging,” August 2009; N-Acetylcarnosine Combats Cataracts,” April 2008; “Glycemic Control May Protect Your Vision,” October 2007; “High-Glycemic Diet May Lead to Blindness,” September 2007; “Can Bad Vision Shorten Your Life?” September 2007; “Antioxidants Combat Age-Related Macular Degeneration,” April 2007; “Can Age-Related Macular Degeneration Be Prevented?” March 2007; “A Nutrient ‘Cocktail’ to Protect Your Vision,” February 2006; N-Acetylcarnosine May Help with Cataracts,” August 2003; “Protect and Improve Your Vision with Carotenoids,” March 2003; “Carotenoids Can Help Maintain Healthy Eyes,” November 2002.

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